About PROW

We are here to contribute to a positive community spirit in North Saanich by advocating best practices in preserving and protecting the foreshore and the marine environment

  • PROW is a non-profit society incorporated in BC in 2011 as “North Saanich PROW Association
  • PROW has a 12 person Board of Directors that undertakes a number of tasks such as media relations, bylaw review, government liaison, membership, communications and society administration.
  • We review agendas and reports in advance of District of North Saanich Council meetings to ensure PROW is able to respond in a timely and appropriate fashion.
  • We attend District of North Saanich Council and Commission meetings to monitor issues coming before Council and its advisory bodies.
  • We communicate with Council members via letters and emails on relevant issues regarding concerns of waterfront owners, and when appropriate, make presentations.
  • We alert our members to significant emerging issues on matters affecting the waterfront.


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