Waterfront property owners in North Saanich are invited to join PROW …

Strength in Numbers – Waterfront owners who wish to protect their properties from rising sea levels or to improve their properties benefit from having the support of a credible, respected association. By working cooperatively with one another and with local authorities, we can achieve more than by taking individual action. PROW is a strong and united voice in representing our unique concerns.

Information – Legislation affecting waterfront owners is far more complex than that for properties bordered by land – the federal government has jurisdiction over the ocean, the provincial government has jurisdiction over the foreshore, and the municipal government has jurisdiction over the water surface zoning/development permitting for 300 meters and the 15 meter setback. These regulations are becoming ever more complex. PROW directors are familiar with all aspects of this regulatory framework, and will share this knowledge with members or direct them to the proper authorities. PROW provides information to individual owners, and offers presentations to all members at our Annual General Meetings.

Advice – Waterfront owners find ourselves dealing with a range of unusual situations – one owner had the corpse of a seal wash up on her property and was at a loss as to what action to take. PROW was able to connect her with the appropriate department and see the situation dealt with properly.

Mutual support and camaraderie – It’s good to meet other waterfront owners in an informal setting, to exchange information and share experiences – many friendships have begun at PROW get-togethers!

To learn more about the benefits of membership or to join PROW, please contact us.

Membership is open to all waterfront owners at no cost. Donations by mail or at the annual meeting are accepted to assist us in our ongoing costs.



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