Waterfront property owners in North Saanich are stewards of the shoreline on a daily basis:

  • We feel fortunate to live along the ocean’s edge and care deeply about preserving the marine environment for future generations.
  • We face unique challenges in caring for the waterfront as sea levels rise and erode shorelines, and ever-increasing storm surges jeopardize structures.
  • We respect the rights of those who wish to enjoy the public foreshore, and want to work together to protect and enhance our shared waterfront.
  • Our properties are regulated in a manner which is much more complex than for properties bounded by land.
  • We benefit from belonging to an organization that enables members to share information about these challenges and that represents our interests at all orders of government.

OUR MISSION To contribute to a positive community spirit in North Saanich by advocating best practices in preserving and protecting the foreshore and the marine environment. OUR AIMS

  • To inform North Saanich residents of emerging issues that may affect the waterfront.
  • To educate North Saanich residents about the responsibilities and rights each of us has when enjoying the waterfront.
  • To advise North Saanich residents of legislation and government initiatives affecting the waterfront.
  • To ensure waterfront owners in North Saanich are aware of how important it is to know the precise location of their legal property boundaries
  • To advocate on behalf of PROW members our shared interests and communicate these to government agencies and regulators.

Our Board Of Directors

  • David Tonken, President
  • Peter Kerr, Secretary
  • Steve Heddle, Treasurer
  • Ted Izard, Membership Chair
  • Carolyn Stout, Communications

Directors at Large

Fran Hackett, Dorothy Hartshorne, Alex Hyndman, Keith Routley

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