PROW Questionnaire Results

North Saanich Election 2022:
The PROW Questionnaire Results are Here!

On October 15th, voters in North Saanich elected a new Mayor and Council to a four-year term. With the new OCP moving ahead during this term, and issues affecting waterfront properties under discussion, this was a consequential election for waterfront owners.

Prior to the election, PROW sent a brief questionnaire (below) to all candidates. While we requested only “Yes/No” answers, we invited candidates to provide additional comments if they wished to amplify on their responses.

We thank all those candidates who took the time to respond to our questions and look forward to working with Mayor Peter Jones and Councillors Phil DiBattista, Jack McClintock, Irene McConkey, Sanjiv, Brett Smyth and Celia Stock whose responses are here:

Phil DiBattista

Peter Jones

Jack McClintock

Irene McConkey


Brett Smyth

Celia Stock

PROW 2022 Election Questionnaire

  1. Do you support waterfront owners having the legal right to protect their properties from erosion, as long as the requirements of Development Permit Area (DPA1) are met?

  2. During the OCP process, there has been discussion of the “Green Shores” approach to prevent erosion of the waterfront. While Green Shores may have value in certain favourable conditions, it is not technically or economically feasible on most waterfront properties in North Saanich. If Green Shores is included in the new OCP, will you commit to seeing it is presented as an option, rather than a requirement?

  3.  Currently almost all the residential properties on the waterfront in North Saanich are blanket zoned to a very restrictive M6, which we feel is unwarranted for certain properties in view of recent studies and mapping. Would you consider rezoning from M6 to a less restrictive M5 for waterfront properties which have moderate, low, or very low overall ecological rating as identified by up-to-date mapping?

  4. Waterfront owners feel the current OCP contains language that discourages development of any kind within the DPA1 15-meter setback. In keeping with the 2008 Marine Task Force Report recommendations, would you support more flexible language in the new OCP to allow for structures such as decks, docks, and seawalls, as long as such development would not cause environmental harm?

  5.  Waterfront owners are concerned that DPA1 contains restrictions that are not only unfair but result in unintended consequences. For example, restrictions in the 15-meter setback lead to neglect and a buildup of combustible material creating a “wildfire fuse” along the waterfront. Would you support a change in OCP, zoning and bylaw language which allows for flexibility and supports the waterfront owner as wanting to be part of the solution of waterfront protection and not treated as part of the problem?

  6. For nearly a decade, waterfront owners have been acutely aware of the potential impacts of sea level rise. Studies conducted by the District of North Saanich led to the development of two draft bylaws that would have negatively affected waterfront properties. Would you support having a higher order of government take the lead on this issue?

  7. If over the course of your term, Council considers adopting bylaws or changing any regulations or zoning requirements affecting waterfront properties, will you commit to ensuring that every waterfront owner is notified – individually – with a letter outlining the proposed changes and inviting participation in a true consultation process?


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