PROW VIRTUAL AGM – September 29, 2020



Notice of AGM of North Saanich PROW Association to be held September 29, 2020


To: Members of North Saanich PROW Association

Notice is hereby given that our Annual General Meeting of members will be held via ZOOM at 7:00 pm on Tuesday, September 29 for the following purposes:

1 – To elect the following directors to our Board of Directors for the ensuing year:

  1. Brian Goodman
  2. Dorothy Hartshorne
  3. Stephen Heddle
  4. Alexander Hyndman
  5. Ted Izard
  6. Peter Kerr
  7. Keith Routley
  8. Carolyn Stout
  9. David Tonken

2 – To transact such other business as may properly come before the Meeting and any adjournment(s) or postponement(s).

In accordance with the BC Societies Act and the Bylaws of the Association, the board of directors has determined that quorum for the meeting shall be those members in attendance at the meeting providing that the quorum shall not be less than 5 members in good standing. It is the intention of the Chairman of the meeting to nominate and vote for those members listed on the above slate. Members are encouraged to contact the North Saanich PROW Association should they wish to have their names added to the slate of directors.

Dated this 20th day of August 2020 at North Saanich BC


Signed: David Tonken

David Tonken, President

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