PROW’s voice is heard on the new OCP

In 2007, waterfront owners in North Saanich were taken aback to learn about changes to the Official Community Plan that had been made without our input. The entire waterfront was designated as a Development Permit Area.

This meant – and still means – that waterfront owners are required to seek development permits to:

– Remove invasive species, mow lawns and prune shrubs

– Prevent erosion, protect property lines

– Repair legal non-conforming structures

In 2008, hundreds of waterfront owners came together and formed PROW. For the past 14 years, this volunteer association has sought to ease these restrictions, and has worked to inform owners about other issues affecting waterfront properties.

Another major overhaul of the OCP is now underway in North Saanich, and PROW is working to ensure the concerns of waterfront owners are addressed:

  • Two PROW directors were selected to sit on the OCP’s Advisory Working Group and are advocating changes to the OCP that will benefit waterfront owners.
  • At our 2021 Zoom AGM, our presentation asked the pointed question, “Will the new OCP protect waterfront property, or not?” (You can see this presentation in the “Events” section)
  • PROW has provided North Saanich with eight formal submissions on the OCP.

In late May 2022, PROW will take part in a 3-hour meeting with the OCP Project Team. Before this meeting, we need to hear YOUR thoughts on how the new Official Community Plan can better meet the needs of waterfront owners.

Please use the “Contact” tab on this website, or send your input via email to

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