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Responding to Rising Sea Levels – The most recent studies of sea level rise predict an increase of 1 meter by 2100, threatening waterfront land and impacting low-lying inland areas protected by the waterfront. PROW will assist the District and other orders of government to fulfill their obligations to protect shorelines in vulnerable areas of the North Saanich Peninsula.

PROW invited an internationally recognized expert in coastal engineering to speak at our 2013 Annual General meeting. John Readshaw, P.Eng. is manager of the coastal engineering division of SNC-Lavalin. His presentation on rising sea levels and the implications for the waterfront in North Saanich is available here.

Implementing the Marine Task Force Recommendations – The product of years of work and community consultation, the Marine Task Force Report contains many excellent suggestions, yet only three of its 70 recommendations have been implemented. PROW is working to see a number of key recommendations become a reality. PROW supports expanding recreational opportunities for all residents, and enabling owners to protect and enhance the waterfront and to develop docks where appropriate.

Updating the Official Community Plan – We are working to see the Official Community Plan updated to permit waterfront owners to access the beach and navigable waters adjacent to our properties as recognized by the court as a common law right, to maintain those properties without undue expense, and to protect them from rising sea levels by constructing appropriate sea walls where conditions are suitable.

Easing undue restrictions on the 15 meter setback from the natural boundary – Waterfront owners agree it is important to protect the foreshore; we certainly do not wish to jeopardize the stability of the waterfront. However, a $1,500 Development Permit may be required by the District of North Saanich for any work undertaken on the 15 meter setback, including pruning trees and planting or removing vegetation. Obtaining a permit generally takes up to three months and usually involves hiring qualified expert professionals. While major projects should involve all appropriate professionals, there must be a distinction between this kind of activity and routine yard work. PROW is working to see the District modify its permitting process to enable waterfront owners to maintain the 15-meter setback, without setting in place a cumbersome and expensive process.  Learn more here!


  • To assist governments in fulfilling their obligations to protect the waterfront along the Saanich Peninsula from erosion and damage caused by rising sea levels and increasing storm surges.
  • To promote the implementation of key recommendations of the District of North Saanich Marine Task Force Report, in particular streamlining the process currently required to construct docks on waterfront properties.
  • To support updates to the Official Community plan which will amend Sections 4 and 14 to allow waterfront property owners to be able to manage and maintain our properties without having to first obtain a $1500 development permit.



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